Blobbo FAQ

Version 1.0 16 April 1995

Version 1.1 22 July 1995 - Now in HTML

Version 1.2 6 Sept 1995 - Change in Address

Version 1.3 12 Aug 1996 - BLOBBO HAS BEEN SOLD! Questions:


Q0 - Blobbo has been sold?

Yes, that's right. All rights to Blobbo have been sold to a Japanese corporation who will, among other things, be porting it to Super Nintendo and Windows. What this means is that you can no longer register. If you haven't registered by now, it is too late to try now. Please do not send in a registration, I will only return it. Begging and pleading will not help either - I no longer have the rights to Blobbo and can't legally do anything about it. Thanks for your support.

Q1 - What is Blobbo

Blobbo is a game of strategy for the Macintosh - you must pick up all the toy chests in each level without falling victim to various interlocking traps and pitfalls. Lots of sound, animation, and general sillyness combine with addictive puzzler that will provide many hours of entertainment. The full 25 levels are included, along with a couple saved games to help you along. For a $20 registration fee, you can get the full version of Blobbo that includes a level editor so you can share your creations as well as the ability to record and playback solutions (solutions for all 25 levels also included).

Blobbo works in both B&W and color, on any mac from a MacPlus running 6.0.8 on up.

The current version of the lite version is 1.0.2. The current version of the full version is also 1.0.1.

Q2 - How do I use the Canoes

There is a quirk in the way that canoes work if you are using mouse controls and you have them set to "track to mouse". The way to get Blobbo to ride in the current with the canoe (and there is no way to move against the current) is to "rest". This is done either with the space key (by default), or by click on Blobbo (the cursor turns into a "Z"). If you do the latter, the canoe moves, taking Blobbo with it, but since you are tracking to the mouse (which hasn't moved), it interprets this as trying to move back to where you were (which is now open water) and so you end up falling out of the canoe and drowning. The best solution is to just use the keyboard for this.

Q3 - Level 18 (Drill Press 1) seems impossible

If you have version 1.0 Lite it is impossible - there is a bug that prevents it from being completed. Get the updater, apply the patch and then restart that level, and the block that is in your way will be down one row.

Unfortunately, the patch is too complex to be able to just give a quick summary here. I doubt you want to have to type a 512 byte patch in with ResEdit but if you do, change resource Blev 145 to:

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emember to always work on from a copy...

Q4 - Help doesn't seems to let me go back

This is a known bug and will get addressed in a future version. It only happens in the Lite version (so the bug is already fixed, but based on how many copies of 1.0 are still floating around, patches float much slower...). This was fixed in version 1.0.2 Lite.

Q5 - I don't live in the US and I want to order

Doesn't matter where you live, I have sold Blobbo and you can no longer register.

Q6 - What do I get if I register

Having sold Blobbo, you can no longer register.

Q7 - Current Addresses

As of the 1 October 1995, the author can be reached at:
USENET: AOL: gandreas

Q8 - What other games have you written?

Years ago I wrote a fantasy role playing game called Theldrow - the last version was 2.3 (which included full 256 color). It use to be available on all the popular ftp sites, but now the only place that has it is America Online. I've been working on other games as well, but so far Blobbo and Theldrow are the only two that I have considered good enough to release. There might be future versions of Blobbo, but nothing definite is planned.

L2 - Six Islands

See the question about canoes above.

Lure the row of smileys to the left by going to the bottom of the screen in the bottom left corner - this will get them out of the way.

Go up an move the marshmellow right (keeping it between you and the remaining smiley) until it lines up with the left most plant on the top.

Go underneath it and one square to the right of it - this will cause the second left most plant to grow down, which will prevent, later on, the plant on the right from grow left and blocking your canoe from the island.

Go back to the right most tree, cut it down, get on the canoe and let it drift until you get to the rightmost island in the bottom row. Get off there.

Cut down the next tree, pushing it left into the water. Again ride it until you get to the right most island in the top row. Get off there.

Cut down that tree, again pushing it left into the water. Get on and ride it to the island at the top.

From there you should be able to figure it out...

L7 - 3 Doors

The key to this level is that you need to go to the island, getting off the canoe as soon as possible ON THE ISLAND. Move the mirror north, cut down the tree, push it into the water, get on, and then immediately get back off, letting it drift free. You will have just enough time to align the mirrors and catch the canoe as it comes around for the second time.

L16 - Super Spike

In the top right, near the stairs, you need to push up the arrow, take the chest, push the ball off the top of the stack to the right and then another to the left (hard to describe - you need to have five ball on the bottom - three on the left and two on the right). You then go back "out" and lure the spike down into the gap between the balls, with the remaining ball falling on it, trapping it.

Note I have recieved mail from a fan saying that it is possible to complete this level without using the bomb at all in the top left, and so you would then have the bomb available here. I personally have not, however recreated this feat.

L18 - Drill Push 1

In version 1.0 Lite, this level is impossible. See the question above.

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